Options For Animals

Why Choose Options for Animals?

  • Established over 24 years ago, OFA is the oldest andmost experienced animal chiropractic teaching institution in the world
  • We are the only College for animal chiropractic; not a seminar
  • Our 2 head instructors teach internationally and teach animal chiropractic 2 to 3 times a month and not just once a year
  • We have horses and dogs onsite
  • Our notes are the most extensive
  • We support our Alumni once they successfully complete the course with our ListServe. Here you can post your animal chiropractic questions/problems and our doctors will help answer them
  • We promote our students by posting our Alumni on our Doctor Referral list! Here you can put all of your business information, download a picture, and put your website link all free of charge!
  • The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will also be a helpful guide to commonly asked questions.
September 9, 2014