Options For Animals

Who is the real healer

Owners often ask …..”Doc did you fix them?” or “Are the bones back in place?”. Lets first get the concept of chiropractic out in the open. You as a chiropractor fix nothing and heal no one. The subluxation process occurs due to a “short circuit to the nervous system”. This short circuit starts the cascade of the subluxation complex. You as a chiropractor deliver a force at the right location with the right intention and that living creature will use that force to allow the body to heal itself. All the pills, lotions, surgeries and yes even the chiropractic adjustment will not heal the body if the innate intelliegence of that body does not have the capacity. How many times have surgeries gone perfectly and the patient still dies.All health care works as a fascilitator to healing but is not the healer. Some docs are referred to as healers, I would suggest that they are more attuned to that creature and in so doing can literally transmit their healing intention to that creature. Have you ever been in a discussion with someone who you truely feel gets what you are about, or you have an affinity for that person or animal without any verbal discussion…. you call it a feeling. Animals pickup on this way more than people.

If you go into the visit with a peaceful, relaxed , loving, and helping attitude it is amazing what your chiropractic adjustment will do. Owners will remark that their animals seems so relaxed around you and after the visit seems so different. I venture to say that it was not the pure mechanical adjustment that did all that but rather it was your intention coupled with the adjustment. This pure example can explain why one doc will adjust an animal and another will do the same in the same region with the same Technique and get different results. We have all experienced the presence of someone who just makes us feel better or that sense of touch that just puts you in the right place. Well this is all part of healing and chiropractic.

Never think of yourself as a bone mechanic, Chiropractic is so much more.

September 9, 2014