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Canine Conditioning & Rehabilitation Certification
24 hours CE / CPD
(Lecture is done online)

Here is a full break down of the course:

Online Learning

Module 1:Introduction to Canine Conditioning & Rehabilitation
What is the “Core” all about?
Why does the adjustment lend itself well do rehabilitation? What are the cornerstones of rehabilitation?
Screening tools that can be used for assessment and treatment. Focus on the Iliopsoas
Focus on the aged Athlete High tech and low tech tools
Module 2:Tissues & Healing
Practical Considerations
Module 3:Neurology
Complete Review of the Neuroaxis
Where’s the problem? – How to assess an recognise where the issue might be located
Co-management Pearls
Common Neurological Conditions Seen in Practice
Module 4:Orthopaedics
Common orthopaedic conditions presenting to the animal chiropractor Postoperative orthopaedic check lists for rehabilitation
Module 5:Patient Specifics
Birth – 18 months Adult Canine Canine Athlete
Postoperative considerations Spay / Neutering considerations Canine Geriatric
Endocrine disorders Common Genetic Tests
Module 6:Nutraceuticals & Drug Information
Supplements commonly used in clinical practice. What might we as practitioners have over looked? Do we supplement dose correctly?
Which supplement can be a more effective anti inflammatory than NSAIDs?
Module 7:In Person Practical Weekend
How to set up a rehab lab
Some additional gadget experience and training Soft tissue techniques that can enhance adjusting Taping – Kinesiology only or much more?
Warm Up & Cool Down
Stretching with Neurology in Mind Real Life Assessment Cases