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Dr Heidi

I can not thank you and your staff enough for having Options for Animals and your Chiro course.

I know and understand the power of muscle work, and have wanted to bring in Chiropractic care for animals for a long time.

I guess I never realized how powerful it can truly be.

We sit in class and hear all your stories, and I think – maybe one day I can help an animal that way.

I came back to Florida after the cervical module and felt so helpless and lost. I was second guessing everything I was feeling, and doing. Then to go back to the next module and fail the cervical written exam, I was ready to go home. Fortunately we did the lab where we adjusted an animal in front of the instructors that first day.

I can not thank you enough for taking the extra time to help our group through with the palpation technique and adjustments that day. That lab gave me the courage to hang in there and keep going.

Just yesterday I came back to work and my head technician met me at the door at 8 am. SHe goes – “do I have a case for you”. CRAP – really? LOL

Apparently while I was in Kansas my technician rescued a French Bulldog – with neurological issues. ARGHH

This dog was stepped on as a puppy and has been neurologic ever since. Head tilt, ataxic, can’t play without falling over, can only drink from a hamster bottle and the list goes on.

So I do a chiro exam on her and adjusted her – LOL

OMG – I thought I killed the dog LOL – I adjusted the cervical Occiput and C1 – they were so fixed it was scary – then the dog just stood there and kind of wobbled and was very still and quiet.

I was quietly willing it to keep breathing and to telling the heart to keep beating.

This dog was scary quiet – after screaming at us and wiggling and trying to bite at times – it went deathly still.

Literally after 1 min, the dog started to move again – and I just kept massaging the neck and stimulating it, telling my tech – she just needs a minute to recalibrate her proprioception.

We finished the adjustment and gave her instructions to let her walk around and give her 24 hrs to adjust.

That afternoon the dog was playing on the tile floor and chasing a toy – without falling over. She was able to open her mouth and eat a treat ( which apparently was something she could not do before). I was like – Yay – this is good

Today – now 24 hrs later – my tech came in and is telling every one – she has a NEW dog

The dog is running outside and bunny hopping when she goes to pee. She is more stable, less head tilt, was not barking at crazy made up shadows at home. I am floored

The power of a simple adjustment took a dog – that lived in immense pain with neurologic deficits for 3 years, and her life changed overnight.

I would never have believed it – if I did not do it myself.

So Thank you – from me, from my Technician, and from little Dory – the little frenchie that could


Going to Options for Animals was meant to be from start to finish. The staff is truly amazing and helpful. Any questions I had were answered almost immediately. This allowed me to be prepared and know it was time, I was ready to take on this challenge. They even offered scholarships to help with the financial stress. My experience and time spent at options in 2020, during the most challenging times for all of us, managed to bring me peace and hope. I focused on learning these new valuable skills and saw light in this darkness. The education and experience that I received at Options was literally the most exciting and nourishing time through all of my years of school. I actually wish the program was longer because i enjoyed every minute of it! Im very thankful to Heidi, Robbie and all of the family at Options for Animals. I look forward to going back to advance in this profession that changes the lives of so many.

Yours in health,
Melissa Shaw

Options for Animals has been more to me than I had imagined. First off the actual class, allowed me to meet people that will be forever friends and it’s so refreshing meeting other people who share the same passion and desires as you do. I really enjoyed actually going to Kansas and spending time with them.

Secondly, the Options staff is incredible. Extremely nice and helpful with any questions or concerns I had and always happy that we were there. The food was amazing and Robbie was always eager to provide whatever we needed, from food to paperwork.

The knowledge I have gained from this course has been life changing. It has allowed me to become a better equine racetrack practitioner. As a racetrack practitioner our medication rules are always changing and the use of some medications are restricted. Therefore we are limited in what we can do for these equine athletes. Chiropractic has allowed me to add another option for treatment with optimal results and my clients are very open to using it. I continue to be excited about helping these athletes and figuring out what might be ailing them through my chiropractic assessment and adjustments.

If you are even thinking about it, DO IT!! It’s more than worth it. A one time payment for a lifetime worth of knowledge.

Knowledge cannot be taken away from anyone except by obsolescence.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dear Heidi,

Just wanted to let you know I received my results for certification and passed them both. You all did a great job preparing us for the exam. Everyone at Options will hold a special place in my memories and I look forward to attending the advanced courses soon. Thank you so much.

Arnold Kenyon DC Critter Chiropractor

I have had some amazing results….and I’m only learning !!! LOL !!

Thus week I have had a 2 year old cat that was bought in to be put to sleep, as it had been seen while I was away by our practice. The cat came home and has had a trauma of some sort. An acute onset of back pain, as became “ferral” when the owner went to stroke her back and marked behavioural changes, hiding, sleeping a lot, not jumping up onto the furniture and not wanting to go outside. She was partially responsive to nsaids, but not any better once the course finished. She was difficult to examine, so I admitted her for sedation and radiographs, which were normal. I was really nervous about adjusting her sedated, but I did so, very gently. She had a P L7, P L6 as well as a couple of P thoracic vertebrae (shoulder blade region) and a C4 BR. The cat has done amazingly well and is back climbing trees and annoying the neighbourhood.

I also spoke with Heidi about a 10 month old greyhound that had a paddock accident, acute onset of non-weighbearing RF lameness. No radiographic findings, and developed a “thumb print” region of muscle atrophy in the triceps region within 48 hours, which progressed to marked triceps atrophy, and radial nerve paralysis. I saw him when I got back and he had improved such that he could weight bear on the limb for 20 seconds before sinking or lifting the limb up, and he had mild carpal, elbow and shoulder contraction. I adjusted him and he had a a C3 BR, C6 BR, T2P, T3P, T5P, L cranial humeral head, Anyway I saw him again yesterday and it was unbelievable, he shot oug of his kennel, ran around without any “dipping” in the RF for a couple of minutes, and the medial head of the triceps has doubled in size in the two and a half weeks , since I last saw him !!! Also the carpal, elbow and shoulder contraction had resolved

I’m having so much fun and learn something new every day. I am so grateful to you both for running the condensed course which has allowed me to improve the quality of life of patients that, treated conventionally, wouldn’t have as good outcomes.

Thank you once again for an amazing course and learning experience, already I have treated patients in a much better and efficient manner than I would have previously, and I will be forever grateful to you both for “opening my eyes” and giving my patients more treatment options.

Kind regards

Trish Moffat, New Zealand


Thank you for the referral to Dr. Melissa Georgevitch for my dog. Ironically she had been sitting next to me for the two days at the Logan Spring Symposium seminar. Small world eh? Einstein (my dog/youngest fur son) has been there twice and we can already see vast improvements in his lower back condition. My wife tells me that he instantly relaxes when she puts him on the table to adjust him (unlike squirming at a regular vet) and we are excited for him to gain back his good health (He LOVES to jump up and catch tennis balls)

Dr. Joseph T. Lane

Just to let you know chiro is going really well, mostly horses, a few dogs, and today a downer cow ! If the cow gets up, I will be a miracle worker.

loving doing it.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful course that gave me enough confidence and knowledge to practice what I had learned and find it works.

Dr. Heidi is amazing (and so is everyone else at options)


Options for animals in Wellsville Kansas. There’s so many things to consider. I first met Options at a Logan symposium in St Louis. Within a very short few minutes I knew this was the place for me. The ease of making it fit into my schedule was important, we all have a life to live.

I researched other schools but options had everything right on site. Great food! Student lounge, classroom, lab room, and what was called ‘the barn’, it’s all connected. It’s all in one building we didn’t have to travel anywhere to see animals, they bring them right to you. Being able to take the international veterinary Chiropractic association certification, on site, the day after I completed the course. That really sealed the deal.

This is also a very serious Chiropractic course. You’re taught Chiropractic, what it is, where it came from. The instructors are strong in philosophy and firm on adjusting technique. It gives you all the solid fundamentals and foundations to start your chiropractic animal career. I’m looking forward to continuing education classes there.

But, last but not least there’s Heidi and Robbie I’m just going to have to let you meet them in person…. ”

– Dr. Renold B. Bleem D.C. CAC

The instructors are amazing in the labs! Dr. Matt was my favorite, he was patient, kind, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable – as were the entire group of instructors. The make learning chiro fun and enjoyable.

I truly felt like I became part of the Options Chiropractic family after finishing this course.

– Molly Kaplan, DVM

I came to this school on referral from an old professor from veterinary school who completed the course recently. I was getting interested in this field from seeing cases that I couldn’t help with traditional veterinary medicine. This program is the first and oldest program for animal chiropractic in the country. It has been a great program! The content and teaching is excellent. You are exposed to veterinarians, chiropractors, and instructors from all over the country.

This exposure allows you to make many new connections and gain knowledge from a wide variety of people with different experiences. These people treat you like family and you will remain like family for a long time as an alumni. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

– Kati Chamberlin, DVM – Missouri

The instructors are very knowledgeable, and provide good practical feedback. Angie, Vara, Luke, and Matt were some of the best as far as feedback. They were very kind and good in one on one situations. They made it an easy learning environment.

– Samantha Burk, DVM

As a veterinarian, I have been both a chiropractic patient and referred patients for chiropractic care, recognizing its potential to improve the overall health of the individual. Completing this course has given me a better understanding of functional neurology, and I now have another treatment option to offer my patients; it complements my Western medicine practice very well Allowing both veterinarians and chiropractors to take part in the program allows for the unique opportunity for both professions to learn about and from one another.

– Amy Guerney-Youngblood, DVM

Even if I never adjust another animal, the course has helped me become a better veterinarian by increasing my sensitivity to and understanding of pain and biomechanics. This course not only uncovers knowledge of chiropractics, but functional neurology, physiology, anatomy, and pathology.

– Veterinarian

Options for Animals has been a great experience. The instructors are extremely helpful and genuinely want you to do well in the course. Animal Chiropractic is a very useful modality, and they emphasize how it can be integrated with traditional Western medicine. It is a lot of information at once, which falls to your personal accountability to study and practice at home, but all questions are answered to the best of their ability, and everything segmentally fits together to have a new way of looking forward.

– Equine Veterinarian

Initially I was skeptical about the overall benefits of chiropractic for my patients. The class is a combination of veterinarians and chiropractors, and this mix allows each to grow and gain appreciation for one another. Upon graduation, I am excited to offer this modality to all of my patients.

– Sherri D. Field Gard, DVM

Testimonials - Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic WellsvilleWhen I first started my business I was adjusting a ton of horses and injecting joints on a ton of horses. Over past several years I have finally been able to convince a lot of my clients to adjust their horses regularly. Guess what happened 🙂 I now adjust even more horses and now do very few joint injections. Interesting isn’t it :).

Thank you so much for changing my life, my practice and giving me back my love for veterinary medicine! You all are the best!

Dr. Quinley Koch, MAg, DVM

I am so privileged to have taken the Essentials course with you and the instructors at Options. The quality and thoroughness of the material presented has prepared me extremely well and I feel comfortable adjusting knowing that I have done a thorough exam on the dog and can identify situations where an adjustment would and would not be appropriate. I have received so many compliments about how thorough my exams are and how other animal chiros they have had work on their performance dogs seem to rush through so they can see more dogs that day (one even told me that she felt the Dr. was in it for the money and not the wellness of the dog). Thank you so much for providing such a quality animal chiropractic program that puts the animal’s well being as the top priority! Can’t wait to come back for continuing education!

– Deanna

I appreciate all you guys have done with the course and have to say, as much as I expected to enjoy the addition of the chiropractic to my practice, I find that I absolutely love it so far. I love the response in the horses, and I’ve been getting great feedback from most of the owners/trainers of the horses that I have adjusted.

Thanks again, you guys are wonderful!

– Rachael

I chose animal chiropractic because of the powerful changes I have seen it make in animals that have no other veterinarian option. The sensitivity of the human hands as a diagnostic and treatment tool is overlooked with today’s technology.

– Dr. Katie Cosgriff DC, IVCA, CSCS

Testimonials - Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KSI was a traditional practitioner for many years with a smoldering interest in alternative medicine and the potential benefit its modalities could offer my patients. Bridled by a combination of traditional training, mentors’ opinions, lack of knowledge/understanding and my own need for the dots to connect, I chose to be a skeptic but my interest continued to smolder. Believing my creator leads me on a path I don’t always understand, I found myself with an opportunity to increase my knowledge and understanding of the alternative modalities. I started with acupuncture and though still skeptical, I saw the tremendous benefit it provided my patients. Already recognizing traditional medicine did not have all the answers but also seeing there were limits to what acupuncture could provide and seeing a more complete approach in my acupuncture mentors who also practiced chiropractic, I wanted to learn more. This led me to Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic. Combining all of my life experiences with my chiropractic training has succeeded in connecting the dots and has made me a much more complete practitioner. Beyond the benefit of feeling a deep sense of personal satisfaction, I believe my patients will live healthier, happier lives throughout the rest of my career.


Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic Wellsville - TestimonialsA chiropractor since 2001, I had always been interested in the idea of treating animals; particularly dogs. Finally, I took the leap and enrolled at Options for Animals. I was very excited. However, the first time I climbed up on 2 huge foam blocks to palpate a horse, my excitement turned to buyer’s remorse. I remember driving home from class and asking myself, “What the heck were you thinking!” Of course, I didn’t quit, I had already paid 2/3 of my tuition! Luckily, as the course progressed, I became more comfortable working with the animals and my excitement reignited. I even found that my adjustments on human patients improved as a result of the education I was receiving at Options. The instructors were top notch. They were all very passionate about animal chiropractic, the animals they helped, and the students they taught. I think the most interesting and rewarding part of the Options experience was learning alongside the veterinarians. I never knew this, but it turns out that veterinarians are super cool people! I found them all to be intelligent, warm hearted and very down-to-earth. It was such a great pleasure to spend time with the DVMs; eating, studying, sharing stories, and even adjusting some of them. Although they all came from different parts of the country, I look forward to keeping in touch, collaborating on cases, and seeing many of them again at continuing education courses. Options for Animals was a fantastic experience, and has provided me with an amazing career opportunity. I am very grateful.

– Dr. Kimberly Hunt Overland Park, Kansas

I had a wonderful experience at Options for Animals. They provided a very positive and fun learning environment that made it easier to get back into school after being out for a while. They teach a very high standard of care in chiropractic technique and maintain the well-being and safety of the animal as a priority. I am so grateful to have learned such a powerful modality that will allow me to provide optimal care to my patients. I am excited about this new chapter in my life and all of the animals that will benefit from the knowledge that I have gained.

– Holly Landes

Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic Wellsville - ClassroomsI’ve really enjoyed learning how chiropractic can truly affect the function of the nervous system! It is a very powerful and moving experience when you can see the change in an animal’s function after treatment with chiropractic. I’m hoping that chiropractic can become more mainstream so that more animals will have access to great integrative care!

– Dean Dierksen, D.C., A.R.T. Premier Chiropractic & Wellness, P.A.

I want to thank you for the wonderful time which I did share with you at Options for Animals. You and the whole team of your school create a nice atmosphere of learning and socializing. I will miss this time and never forget. Have a wonderful time.

– Ferdinand Niessen

Many thanks to you and the whole team for providing such an awesome course. It was fantastic. I have learned a lot and it has changed my visions on a lot of things. I am applying what I have learned everyday and not only with chiropractic. Would love to come back in the future for some advanced courses.

– Monique