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Success Story: Patty

Success Story: Patty - Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KS

The Story Of Patty
A little lamb that could not walk…
a dedicated rancher and a willing IVCA chiropractor.

Success Story: Patty - Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KSBy Dr. Katie Cosgriff

Patty was born on March 7, 2011. A female lamb presents at birth a problem walking on her tip toes and trouble with balance. At about 5 days old, she was trampled when the sheep ran into the shed. The problem progressed to the point where she could not use her front legs at all. Attempts to splint the legs and suspend her from a sling to learn to support legs were unsuccessful.

Patty developed pneumonia twice. A veterinarian exam was negative for any diagnose. Patty had 4/5 muscle splinting in the left cervical muscles. Lateral flexion to the left produced symptoms of rigidity, her eyes rolled back in head and severe discomfort displayed in her facial expression.

Patty - Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KSPatty had no motor control of the front legs, and she was only able to turn the head to the right. The initial assessment was for the owner to take this lamb to the vet. But the owner replied, “I have been there, they don’t know what to do….please help me or she will be destroyed.”

I had just graduated chiropractic college and Options in 2010, one year prior. I was educated, but inexperienced. My best plan was to pray and hope. I sent an email to Options about any suggestions on sheep joint planes??

I adjusted lamb based on the McKenzie protocol of cervical disc injury in humans.

After 3 treatments the lamb was able to turn it’s head to the left. But Patty was still unable to walk or get up at all.

Lamb - Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KSAfter 5 treatments she was getting big enough that I was concerned for the owner’s back in lifting the lamb and decided to end treatment. The owner called that same day to say she got up and walked in a crawl position for a few steps with assistance getting up. Barely containing my disbelief I went out to see the event of a crab like crawl. Patty learned to lay with her right side on an up hill to get up.

Two years later (2013), Patty is a healthy, fit, and normal ewe. I have since been called to 5 crazy sheep calls. I can say that Options will provide you with the tools to tackle the craziest cases… the education will make up for the inexperience.

Thank you, Options for Animals for a chance to save another animal from a short life.

Dr. Katie Cosgriff

2000: Bachelor in Animal Science
2009: Bachelor in Human Biology
2010: Doctorate of Chiropractic
2010: Graduate of Options for Animals
2010: Certified by IVCA

November 13, 2014