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SaddleThrombosis in Cats – Paralysis

Saddle Thrombosis in Cats – Chiropractic Can help:

As many of you know, saddle thrombosis can occur to cats and commonly causes hind limb paralysis. Recently I had an owner call me whose cat had been diagnosed with saddle thrombosis. Her cat had a right hind limb paralysis. Bob was the cat’s name and he was wearing a rubber shoe to protect his paw since it knuckled under. The incident occured 3 weeks prior to my first visit.

I started adjusting Bob and did some myofascial work on his psoas, quad and other hip flexors and extensors. I gave the owner some exercises such as leg traction and repeated passive flexion and extension of the leg…

Each visit Bob was improving. Over the course of 3 months Bob now has full use of his leg and is weight bearing. There is a slignt limp to the left.

Stimulating those muscle spindle cells and doing proprioception work will give them a fighting chance.

September 9, 2014