Options For Animals


Full or Part-Time Associate Position

Resources - College of Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KSIntegrated equine veterinary practice seeks full or part-time associate. Located in Aiken, SC, hub of multidiscipline horse sport. Chiropractic certification/eligibility required. This is an opportunity for a motivated individual to practice high quality medicine and enjoy quality of life.

Please send inquiries to: keelinredmond@gmail.com

Bale Covers and Foam

If you need new bale covers, contact Liora Wachberg at liorascs@aol.com or 816-668-9574. She has just about any color bale cover you could want.

To get the foam that goes inside the bales, use Cello Foam. Contact Carrie at 573-346-1187. The dimensions of the foam are 16X24X36 and the foam is a 1.5# density.

Canine Spines

To order canine spines, contact Drew Spisak at 785-229-6833 or spisak@embarqmail.com

Find A Doctor

If you would like to find a certified animal chiropractor in your state please go to the AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association) website at www.avcadoctors.com or the IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association) website at http://ivca.de/.

How can I find out about the laws concerning animal chiropractic for my state?

For a complete list of both the Chiropractic and Veterinary boards in all 50 states to include Canada, please click here to download now. We understand that the legalities are a concern particularly with the Chiropractors so we have also included a class on “Ethics and Legalities” that will cover this issue and your concerns. Please keep in mind that we do have animal chiropractors in all 50 states.