Options For Animals

Join us in June to learn Animal Chiropractic in 5 weeks! We have seats left! Call Robbie at 309-658-2920 for more info and to sign up now.

Online Versus Classroom Experience

There are now Animal chiropractic courses that offer online training with limited amount of time utilizing a hands on approach. Unfortunately these classes do not adequately train the doctor to be skilled in animal chiropractic which is a hands on practice. As stated by many individuals there is no process that does not take time. If you are to be skilled in a hands on approach to healing you must have the adequate amount of time with trained professionals to start to acquire your hands on approach this can only be acquired through a classroom/lab-based program such as Options for Animals chiropractic college.

Palpation and Adjustment Skills Animal Chiropractic

Palpation ( neurological sense of knowing what you are feeling) and Chiropractic adjustment skills are indeed skills that can only be acquired thru a guided lab and practice with a instructors critique along with onsite q and a.

These skills like all tactile skills are acquired over time with repeated interaction. Just like in Chiro or Vet School. There is no way you could become a Chiropractor or Veterinarian with an online course. That being said, the Online Animal Chiropractic Courses may give you the information to pass a test but in no way would you have developed the tactile skills to start adjusting animals.

February 28, 2019
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