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Head Toss

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“The Head Toss”

Many owners will notice that their horse will toss their head upon engagement. It is common to think this is a behavior issue and that may be so but many times it is not. A very common cause is a pelvic – sacroiliac joint problems or even a lumbar [low back] problem .

When the horse initiates movement forward they must move the center of gravity to their hind quarters. In the neutral position in [non-movement] the center of gravity is just behind the shoulder. The normal situation of movement starts with the horse flexing at the hind end and thus engaging his pelvis and moving the center of gravity backward. If there is a sacroiliac subluxation [loss of movement and nerve irritation] then there will be a loss of sacroiliac flexion and the inability to move the center of gravity backward. Your horse will compensate for this by throwing [toss] the head up, in effect moving the center of gravity backward and going forward.

This subluxationis what a chiropractor looks for when your horse is evaluated. Adjustments will correct this sacroiliac subluxation and illuminate the head tossin

September 9, 2014