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Dog Agility Tidbits to Improve Performance

Agility Dogs will pound and torque the entire spine and all the extremities. When you care for these athletes take into consideration Toe Stretches and Adjustments of the Toes. To teach the owners how to traction and abduct the toes before going into the ring and after will greatly improve performance and prevent jamming.

Many owners will tell you that they stretch their dogs but these stretches usually very general. Remember to teach them isolation of a joint or muscle such as in Triceps extension [ stablize the cranial humeral head and place the other hand behind the olecronon going into extension].

A great stretch for the psoas and hip flexors is to stabilize under the pelvis with the dog’s butt against your abdomen, grasp the rear leg just above the stifle and extend back till there is slight resistance. In this position you can also do ab and aduction stretches.

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September 9, 2014