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Dog Agility, Competition and the Importance of Chiropractic Care

Is your dog an athlete? Is agility competition and training part of your life? Whether you’re a professional handler of a world class athlete or a weekend warrior, agility training can improve your dog’s condition, nurture communication, and promote health. Agility courses vary and can be complicated, whether it’s weave polls, teeter-totters, crossovers, tunnels or jumps. Training for these events require attention to every detail, and preparation strategies often include attention to diet, exercise and sleep patterns. An area often overlooked however, is the health of the nervous system. Animal chiropractors understand the importance of a healthy, functioning nervous system. A vital nervous system is central to the conditioning of your dog, as well as to performance outcome. Chiropractic care for your pet will facilitate a healthier, stronger and more resilient animal. Chiropractic can help restore function and mobility, and improve muscle tone and endurance. It increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrient supply to help develop speed and accuracy. It helps reduce muscle spasms and adhesions, and increases flexibility to improve overall performance. Additionally, animal chiropractic can address the micro injuries resulting from everyday stress, helping the body heal optimally and enhancing overall quality of life. So a little treatment can make a big difference, and regular chiropractic care can markedly improve your dog’s life! Have questions? Post a comment, and join in!

September 9, 2014