Options For Animals

Common Misconceptions About Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic Is NOT:

  • The use of Hammers or Mallets to treat animals.
  • Using an Instrument to unscientifically click up and down the animal’s back without examining each individual joint of the animals spine and extremities for abnormal or restricted movement.
  • Dragging a horse by the back of a truck to “Adjust” it.
  • An Animal Chiropractor does not “Move” or Treat a 900 – 1200 pound horse. He or she treats individual motion units of the horse, one at a time, each weighing no more than 30 – 40 pounds. Non-chiropractic animal manipulators are the ones that try to treat large areas of the horse at one time.

Common Sayings and Misconceptions About Animal Chiropractic Are:

  1. Animal Chiropractors Treat Bones That are “Out of Place”. The truth; Chiropractors are distinctive in that they treat joints that are not moving correctly, but the examination and treatment of these joints always remains within the normal range of motion. Some manipulative techniques do work with bones out of place, or luxated, but the trained animal chiropractor refers these patients to their veterinarian for proper care.
  2. Animal Chiropractors “Crack Backs”. The truth; The noise you might hear during a chiropractic treatment, especially in humans, is called cavitation. Joints are surrounded by a very strong tissue and the joint space is filled with fluid for lubrication. If separated slightly, as in a chiropractic treatment, some of the fluid may change to gas creating a “pop”. This does not always happen, and is NO indication as to the effectiveness of a treatment. Cavitation is rare when treating animals as their physiology is different than humans.
September 9, 2014