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Chiropractic Adjusments vs Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT), Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)


Let’s start by stating a fact that all professions have a specific vernacular or language that defines and is consistent with it’s philosophy. Philosophy defines your purpose. The philosophy of chiropractic is to maximize the body’s innate [inborn] capacity to heal and regulate itself by clearing the nervous system of irritations caused by the vertebral subluxation complex{VSC}. A vertebral subluxation occurs when 2 vertebrae that are contiguous lose their specific movement in a specific axis. Vertebral subluxations are listed based on the loss of this specific axis and the adjustment is targeted to correct this loss of axis motion in consideration with the 5 components of VSC which are:

  • Kinesiopathology – an abnormal change in motion
  • Neuropathology – facilitated or inhibited nerves
  • Myopathology – abnormal function of muscle and fascia
  • Histopathology – abnormal function of cells such as in inflammation
  • Pathophysiology – degeneration of tissue

Manipulation VOM and SMT has as it’s goal to induce a Generalized motion [ not specific ] into a region without regard to the aforementioned axis or 5 components of VSC. Manipulation is similar to mobilization which is a general medical procedure and not chiropractic. SMT and VOM does not have as it’s philosophy to maximize the body’s innate healing capacity.
To utilize SMT and VOM as similar to Chiropractic Adjustments is just simply wrong, they are two separate and distinct methods with a different philosophy and purpose.

February 8, 2019