Options For Animals

Staying Involved

Alumni - Staying Involved - Animal Chiropractic - Wellsville, KSOptions For Animals upholds a great sense of admiration and respect for our graduates as they carry on our tradition of excellence in the field of animal chiropractic. Whether it’s been one year or many years since you completed our program, we trust that your experience here has had a significant impact on your life and career.

As alumni, your continued involvement can broaden the impact of your experience in a variety of ways. There are countless opportunities available to remain connected, and with the advent of the internet, it’s never been easier to network and share new ideas and information.

Wondering how to stay involved? Here are some ways to participate, and keep your experience alive:

  • Become involved in research. Educational research is a means of discovering new and stimulating developments in animal chiropractic, and provides the public with valuable and exciting information, as well as making a difference in this profession and throughout the world.
  • Keep us informed of your accomplishments. Send us articles on yourself and the events of your life, including pictures and videos. Let us know how animal chiropractic has helped your patients.
  • Send a prospective student our way! We’re constantly looking to develop and foster the next generation of animal chiropractors, and we value your referral.
  • Get involved with your state board. Become a voice for animal chiropractic, and contribute to the advancement of this profession by positively influencing and developing the laws of your state.
  • Attend advanced modules. Reconnect with fellow classmates while cultivating your skills and expertise.

There are many benefits to staying connected. Your continued involvement is fundamental, and will allow you to cultivate a strong professional network as your career evolves. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your dedicated efforts to ensuring the growth of this profession. For more ways to contribute your time and talents, contact Robbie at options4animals@aol.com or call me at 309-658-2920. We look forward to hearing from you!