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Dr. Nicole Hjelle DVM

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Dr. Nicole Hjelle DVM - Animal Chiropractic Care - Wellsville, KS

Contact Information

Phone: (320) 905-0264
Email: hjedoc1@gmail.com


• Ridgewater Community College, Associate of Science Degree
• University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science Degree
• Saint Gorge’s University, Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine


• American Association of Equine Practitioners
• Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association
• International Veterinary Chiropractic Association


• Associate Veterinarian, South 71 Veterinary Clinic

Extended Bio

Dr. Nicole Hjelle is an associate veterinarian at South 71 Veterinary Clinic, an 8 doctor mixed animal clinic in central Minnesota. She has been helping all sizes of animals there since 2005. Dr. Hjelle’s need to help animals started while growing up on a typical family farm that included dairy and beef cattle, hogs, laying hens, and sheep. Eventually she talked her parents into letting her get her first horse, which was the best choice they could make to keep her out of trouble.

Dr. Hjelle continued her interest in helping animals throughout her college career by majoring in animal science and working in animal care at the University of Minnesota. She earned her Bachelors degree in animal science with an emphasis in dairy production with the goal of becoming a dairy cattle veterinarian. After applying to as many veterinary programs as possible for 2 years a friend said that they were going to apply to a new veterinary program in the Caribbean at St George’s University. Dr. Hjelle decided to see if they would help her reach her goal, and applied six weeks before the start of the school year. Three weeks later she received her acceptance letter, and then had three weeks to move to Grenada in the West Indies.

Dr. Hjelle didn’t know it, but she had just signed up for a dual degree in a sense. She incurred a great education in veterinary medicine, along with an outstanding education in diversity in culture of multiple countries, through fellow students in both the veterinary and medical programs, and Grenada’s diverse population.

Four years later she was thrown into the working population with a large amount of information and now that information was turned into reality. Dr. Hjelle’s world was on auto pilot a few years after her career began until she met Dr. Awes and the Options for Animals family, where they showed her how to really apply all of the information she had learned throughout her life.