Options For Animals

Dr. Cara Wright, DVM

• BS in Animal Science, Univ. of Maryland
• MS in Animal Science, LSU (equine reproductive physiology)
• DVM, equine track, Virginia Maryland CVM (equine track)
• Option for Animals UK- March 2018

• Equine Private Practice for 13 years
• Professional Services Veterinarian at Merck Animal Health since 2022
• Currently seeing equine chiropractic cases part-time

Dr. Cara Wright is a 2009 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland CVM. Prior to veterinary school, she completed a master’s degree at Louisiana State University where she studied the reproductive characteristics of high-body condition mares. She completed an equine internship in Ocala, FL, and then has worked at a range of equine private practices across the country. Most recently, she worked as an associate at a 6-doctor ambulatory practice in the San Francisco Bay Area where she focused on the needs of the sport horse. Her current full-time role is as a Professional Services Veterinarian at Merck Animal Health, while she sees chiropractic cases for select clients part-time. She is a founding member of the Sustainability in Equine Practice Seminars, which focus on improving the well-being and productivity of equine veterinarians. Dr. Wright is also a facilitator for the Decade One/Starting Gate programs for equine vets and vet students. Outside of work, she trains for and competes in triathlons.